Monday, September 20, 2010

Move on to believe it :)

agggaaaiinn....baru tergerak hati nak create new post! ;p 
bz..super bz with my life + overloaded work during puasa time..

hurm..where shud i begin?
life? is still the same..
still mending,still fixing..donno what im waiting for
is it worth it if i keep on waiting..?
entah la..

try to forget it..try to enjoy on my way..
but in the end..its coming back to me...

im so happy with others..who really enjoy n end up with smile..
maybe not what we always wanted will stand strongly in our hand kot..

who shud i blame..its faith anyway..
i have a life..i have to move on..
i know..there's other people who always want to see my happy face..
and for them im rather put on my fake smile..
even its hard to do..but i will!!

im gonna slowly start..
insyaallah good thing will come soon
and I'm on my way to believe it
Amin :)