Friday, July 27, 2007

:: blogging survey ::

:: copy from ira..huhuhu ::

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:: hurm...not bad ek..a bit addicted gak!! ::

:: .^__________________~. ::

Sunday, July 22, 2007

:: B U R R R R R R P P P P I I I N N G G G ::

:: PHEIW!!!!!......... ::
:: jz got back from lepak wit frens at WILLIAM. ::
:: i'm damn full!! kenyang nak mampus ::
:: act'ly,back from nothing to do..ym wit nam..he said gonna meet samier n diner together::
:: since i've got no plan...n hungry like join them diner at william. ::
:: so tonite..gonna eat lot n lot.. ::
:: once i get there..lost of my mind..donno whut to order ::
:: so decided to order marinara..izz act'ly want to order that..but i win..huhuhu ::
:: with full of jug of fresh orange..act'ly i'm gonna ask for the small jug..not GIANT JUG..felt like wanna take a bath with that drinks!!. ::
:: i tried to finish my diner..haa!! cannot!! still cannot..loaded..n plus with their stupid's like i'm gonna throw out..whut i'm ate.. ::
:: and this crazy guys..nam,izz,zull n eddy plan to register william at frdster..haisshhh ::
:: so they took his picture..n plus he smile proudly..coz he didn't knew whuts gonna happen next! ::
:: while waiting to pay..william as usual gonna tell "jokes of the day" ::
:: so tonite..we not heard 1 but 3 story..extraordinary...huhuhu ::
:: act'ly all his story is a bit 18sx..hahaha ::
:: let me share a bit ::

1st story :
" adelah sorg pak aji nih..jalan2 ronda dlm kampung...tetiba dia npak sorg budak ppuan panjat pokok..this girl wore skirt,but not wearing pak aji nih suruh la this girl turun pokok..then dia seluk poket bagi rm10..n dia pesan kat budak nih,suh bagi kat mak dia n beli this girl blik umah n gtau mak dia..but suddenly her sister heard next day,she climb the tree n not wearing panties..coz she tot..if her sis can get rm10,then she can get more than mcm biasa pak aji nih pun jalan2 la..npak la budak ppuan atas pokok dia pgil turun..n pak aji nih seluk la poket..n this girl mula excited,coz she tot pak aji nak bagi duit beli pak aji kuarkan rm0.50..then pak aji ckp.." nah amik nih,pegi beli pisau cukur"..

:: keras perut kitorg gelak..::
:: dah la lepas mkn..mau nak termuntah kuar.. ::
:: bladdy hell funny ::
:: 2nd story..i'm not remembered full story.. ::
:: n the 3rd one.. ::
:: but it's really funny ::
:: so after heard his story plus they took a few pict with him.. ::
:: i'm goin back home ::
:: at 1st,mite be play pool..but seem my driver tak tak cukup better get back n sleep ::
:: tomorrow hv to company ainol shopping..pheiw!!.. ::
:: so it's time to sleep.. ::
:: hopefully can get up early.. ::
:: so nitey nite..sleep wit damn full.. ::
:: burrpp ..excuse me! ::
:: (.>__<.) ::

Friday, July 20, 2007

:: whut u got under ur shirt ? ::

:: now is 2:04am..cant sleep..overdoss caffeine ::
:: got a few design to touch up,before convert it ::
:: playlist track keep on repeat MCR-TEENAGERS ::
:: la~la~la~ ::
:: wearing earphone , if not miza gonna kick my butt play this shit song loud in the middle of nite::
:: huhuh ::
:: hurm..supposed i can sleep earlier tonite ::
:: but cant coz i hv to retrace back my design plus edit it AGAIN ::
:: all this happen when my customer brought along her kids to boutique today ::
:: while i'm discussing wit her,they started to explore my laptop ::
:: all i can heard was..they kept on asking pict at my w/paper"who's this girl?","is she ur sis? ::
:: haissshh ::
:: once i went to save my laptop b4 explode n wanted to answer their annoying question,all my work gone ::
:: huh!! well done for whut u guys did!! ::
:: haaaiiissssssssss ::
:: at that time , i felt like wanna pull their head , n throw it out of the boutique ::
:: hurm ::
:: but luckily , their mum bought a few from ours..if not..huh! ::
:: act'ly, this lady is my regular customer ::
:: she jz got back from mongolia ::
:: but everytime she came , her kids gonna mess up the boutique & acted like demon ::
:: but , this time it's the elder one named HAKIM became so naughty..coz usually his lil brother HATIM gonna acted mad like hell ::
:: but nope , he's such an angel today..asked me nicely n politely..hurm..sumthing happen maybe..mite be one of them got knocked on the head..n suddenly changed ::
:: next time , i better get ready before those lil demons come !! ::
:: and act'ly i've got a sweet story to share wit ::
:: before this mongolian lady came, there was another customer walk in to my boutique ::
:: she was pregnant 7 month..she soooo nice ::
:: so she was looking sumthing she can wear for wedding..and it must be in big size to fit in her ::
:: so she did found sumthing that fit her ::
:: i'v been asked to teach her how to tie the i've started to tie it like normal ::
:: then while i'm doing my job..suddenly she said..her baby inside is kicking her ::
:: whuuuu~ ::
:: then she asked me if i wanna feel the baby ::
:: oh my gosh ::
:: then i touched her stomach..n i can felt the baby is kicking ::
:: wow!! ::
:: act'ly it's not 1st time..i felt it b4 when i was 7yrs old..but it's a long long n long time ago ::
:: once i felt the baby , my face started blushing for nothing ::
:: like nani said,"haii cik farah.. motherhood sense kicking in again?" ::
:: huhuh ::
:: i didnt realized it act'ly , but this lady mentioned it ::
:: mite be it's like miracles for me ::
:: hurm ::
:: n she did not scan it yet , but based on whut i knew from the form of her stomach..she mite be having a baby girl ::
:: hopefully gonna be a healthy n cute baby girl ::
:: hurm..enuff for now ::
:: got ctinue my work ::
:: .^______________~. ::

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

:: muvee wit enon ::

:: smlm mmg busan,act'ly ade work nak kena wat...tapi mood tak mari lak.. ::
:: me "ter"book ticket harry potter act'ly ::
:: asked all my frens..especially pakcik tu..
coz dia plg excited kononnya dia harry..chait! ::
:: setelah dia ambil ilham kat bilik menunggu , dia tak jadi join lak ::
:: haparaaa ::
:: try bodek enon,huhuhu..sib baik dia layan ::
:: me act'ly not feeling like watch it,but my sis said "angah,syok laa..adik tgk dua kali"::
:: amboih..amboih ::
:: so mlm td,me layan wit enon la(pakcik nih tidoq dua kali) chait! ::
:: disebabkan me tak ikut yg previous episode..::
:: so tak berapa nak faham at first ::
:: tapi okiey la...a bit enjoy!! ::
:: coz i loved all those weirdo film,fantasy film..laaayaannn ::
:: i gv 3/5 to this muvee ::
:: n i hv to find the previous episode ::
:: from that muvee i learnt new magic spell.. :) ::
:: eg : "PATRONUS,EXPELLIARMUS,STUPEFY(fav ayat aku nih),
BOMBARDA MAXIMA(nih ppuan gila tu guna nak attack harry) ::
:: so skang nak cari magic stick pakai chopstick dulu..::
:: kena kasi modify skit ::
:: .^_____________~. ::

Sunday, July 15, 2007

:: another "do-nothing" weekend ::

:: waaaa...get up this morning..morning? so morning la act'ly..almost noon..huhuhu..trus on9.. ::
:: okiey nani on list..nayan pun sama..try to make our 2nd conference..but not so happening like yesterday..coz most of frens bz with their weekend activity.. ::
:: me n nani became addicted to "window shopping" at je mampu.. ::
:: ina show up..then pengaruh dia join skali..nayan dah ilang mana ntah..but it's okiey..girl's chats out!!... ::
:: mcm2 kitorg "window shopping"...naik juling mata..siap berangan lagi tu..hahaha..dream on dear,doesn't cost u at all.. ::
:: now become gilo...enon join,kapit nayan ::
:: view cam...hahahah ::
:: me at first malas nak view..coz tak mandi lagi..hehehe..atas arahan puak..terpaksa la kasi tjuk gak..haisshhh!!..gila sial,keji kata bau!!..chait.. ::
:: nam pun on9..mtk view cam..dia kata me act like nuts..coz laughing laughing wit my fren..we were on conference room..haisshh..tu arr sapa suh mtk nak view!! ::
:: at 6pm we still tak mandi..hihih ::
:: layan tv ym wit nam..n suddenly terbook harry porter.. ::
:: i donno how..suddenly..coz i've been tried so many times..n tetiba lak dpt..hurmm.. ::
:: of9..lepak tgk tv lagi..then baru mandi..pergh!! gila mls today...
:: merah msg..tya kat ne..then dia tak reply lak..hurm. ::
:: now..donno whut to do..layan,ranma 1/2 n do some stupid blogthings quiz..haisshh ::
:: +___________+::

Saturday, July 14, 2007

:: back to our funny jokes,sweet memories ::

:: hurm..once on9 this morning..ina dah icon panda benggong ..eiii..
:: both of us getting bored..talking nothing..bla..bla..
:: then later nani sign in..whuuhuuu.girl's day chat!!..gossip!!
:: conference time..mcm2 cerita..keras perut view cam..mmg npak la muka ngah gelak..lagi la real..serupa sembang in person!! i wish byan join skali..baru cukup korum!!
:: then kapit lak join..mula la..sensorg ngat nak bantai dia..since dia n enon kenakan ina..
:: kuar topik pelik2..seisi brainstorming cr nama 3 suku kata..
:: nani sign off lak..
:: enon sign!!..pelagi seisi hentam menghentam sambil kutuk rapat nye kat memasing
:: semua kena terbaik je...mcm2 nama gelaran kuar..cerita zaman sekolah pun sama..mangsa2 yg tak join conference pun kena bahan gak..keras perut gelak..spai panas muka..gelak tak kuar bunyi (gelak angin-->ayat ina)
:: pian lak join..pun kena gak tibai...hahahha..
:: but plg teruk kena ina la..segala sumpah + carut kuaq...pergh!! mau bernanah telinga..but since semua dah biasa kena stok..smua main hentam kata a way back up diri..
:: nani sign in blik..siap view cam lagi..apa lagi..ada permintaan suh wat stripetease show..benggong bebudak nih..tu arr sapa soh start gilo..
:: last2..semua dah penat gelak..sign off..
:: lak bila conference ramai2 nih...mcm semua ada depan mata lah dia..klu dah lama tak jumpa..
:: waaaaa...rindu korg!!..tak sabar nak blik raya nih!!..kasi gathering lepak spai lebam!!..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

:: racoon's eyes + fake smile ::

:: waaaaaaaaa....i'm damn tired..triple tired!!
:: bz with work..
:: not enuff sleep..sleep for only two hours then get up with sneezing nose n ctinue my work!!
:: miss my katil soooo much..almost a week++ ,slept next to my laptop n on my comforter..
:: sakit bdn..tengkuk tak yah ckp la..dah mmg lenguh yg amat..mata dah pedih..end of this month nak kena gi check mata..ntah bape plak lak power kena tambah..haiiiissshhh!!
:: last nite,mmg damn stress..stress wit my frens yg need my advice..but dont hv brain to use it!! stupid!!..sorry call u by that name!..i'm tired advice him n her..but they keep on ruined whut the used still asked for my opinions!!..u guys not kids anymore..belajor tgi2 pun tak leh pikior! suka susahkan diri sendri..tak syg diri ke..haissh!!
:: org dah kata jgn main api nanti terbakor,main ayor pun jgn nanti lemas,main angin nanti terobang,main tanah kan terkambus...haaaa! tanggung la skang..nak slamat main saidina ke..kayo gak!
:: tp rasa serba salah lak,tak bg attention kat diorg when they hv problems..hurm..
:: whut the point ,i started to feel guilty rite now?..hurm,think positive farah fazila!!...thats not my problem,not even me in their job as their shoulder to lend on it's i better get off from their problem,b4 i start scratch my own brain..i also hv pending problem need to mend more bout myself okiey..then others!!
:: tomorrow early in the morning..hv to go to JOHOR again!!..waaa..balik hari lak tu...pengsan!!
:: next on friday,got event at convention centre..haissshhh!!
:: i'm started to mumbling for nothing again n again..better ctinue my work coz got appointment with client this evening!
:: hope i can enjoy watch muvee with my beloved frens tonite..n release a bit of my pain!..
:: + ___________ +

Sunday, July 8, 2007

:: counting the hours on my boring weekend!! ::

:: haisssssh....
:: get up earlier today..eventhou cuti..
:: breakfast with mc'd..big breakfast..nyum..nyumm
:: she went back to s.alam,need to buy ticket to penang..huuu~ gonna miss her..
:: borak smlm ngan dia pun tak puas lepak with enon kat s.alam..pun tak puas gak..
:: waa..i miss my old skoolmate!!!..
:: i'm feeling sleepy act'ly..appear invi at ym..
:: last nite,played bowl..been forced by nam act'ly..main pakai sunnydress...tak penah di buat org!!..but i did won 2nd game..muawhahaha
:: 1st tak leh nak concerntrate on game..coz rasa takut je..rasa mcm everytime i slide then my dress will flowy..huish!!..bahaya!!!
:: thanks's not! pheiw~
:: no one at home..mieza went to hospital,visit her dad..bored~
:: watched tv,melodi..gossip..gossip n gossip..but i liked when hans isaac made a confession..huuu
soooo sad for u dear (~chewah~)
:: tonite got wedding at 8pm,nelayan..going wit ezwan..hopefully,he did not cut his hair n become bald..but the way he text me jz now..hurm,a bit scary..n i don want to imagine it..hopefully not!! =S
:: started to rain outside..hurm..astro sure not connected!!..haissshh!! =(..n for internet connection..apa mau bikin nih..ctinue design n design until pengsan
:: baju for wedding tak iron lagi..eeeiiiii..malasnye!!
:: haaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh +___+

Saturday, July 7, 2007

:: start my new blog ::

:: pheiw..not know whut kind of this thing..coz i already had my blog column at nih jz gatal2 nak cuba..pengaruh ezwan,ezwan pengaruh from ira(ratu blog)...hahaha

:: act'ly got nothing to write in..coz i'm damn bz wit my overloaded work!! to do design some now it relaxing n freshing my tired take a look around,whut this blogging site got..

:: hurm..not bad,soon i can create my blog here..n can invite others to join as well..

:: but it's kinda cool,coz u can change font not like frdster...jz i donno how to insert my pict!! damn!!

:: guys help me.. :(

:: okiey,later i write to ctinue my work!!..