Friday, July 20, 2007

:: whut u got under ur shirt ? ::

:: now is 2:04am..cant sleep..overdoss caffeine ::
:: got a few design to touch up,before convert it ::
:: playlist track keep on repeat MCR-TEENAGERS ::
:: la~la~la~ ::
:: wearing earphone , if not miza gonna kick my butt play this shit song loud in the middle of nite::
:: huhuh ::
:: hurm..supposed i can sleep earlier tonite ::
:: but cant coz i hv to retrace back my design plus edit it AGAIN ::
:: all this happen when my customer brought along her kids to boutique today ::
:: while i'm discussing wit her,they started to explore my laptop ::
:: all i can heard was..they kept on asking pict at my w/paper"who's this girl?","is she ur sis? ::
:: haissshh ::
:: once i went to save my laptop b4 explode n wanted to answer their annoying question,all my work gone ::
:: huh!! well done for whut u guys did!! ::
:: haaaiiissssssssss ::
:: at that time , i felt like wanna pull their head , n throw it out of the boutique ::
:: hurm ::
:: but luckily , their mum bought a few from ours..if not..huh! ::
:: act'ly, this lady is my regular customer ::
:: she jz got back from mongolia ::
:: but everytime she came , her kids gonna mess up the boutique & acted like demon ::
:: but , this time it's the elder one named HAKIM became so naughty..coz usually his lil brother HATIM gonna acted mad like hell ::
:: but nope , he's such an angel today..asked me nicely n politely..hurm..sumthing happen maybe..mite be one of them got knocked on the head..n suddenly changed ::
:: next time , i better get ready before those lil demons come !! ::
:: and act'ly i've got a sweet story to share wit ::
:: before this mongolian lady came, there was another customer walk in to my boutique ::
:: she was pregnant 7 month..she soooo nice ::
:: so she was looking sumthing she can wear for wedding..and it must be in big size to fit in her ::
:: so she did found sumthing that fit her ::
:: i'v been asked to teach her how to tie the i've started to tie it like normal ::
:: then while i'm doing my job..suddenly she said..her baby inside is kicking her ::
:: whuuuu~ ::
:: then she asked me if i wanna feel the baby ::
:: oh my gosh ::
:: then i touched her stomach..n i can felt the baby is kicking ::
:: wow!! ::
:: act'ly it's not 1st time..i felt it b4 when i was 7yrs old..but it's a long long n long time ago ::
:: once i felt the baby , my face started blushing for nothing ::
:: like nani said,"haii cik farah.. motherhood sense kicking in again?" ::
:: huhuh ::
:: i didnt realized it act'ly , but this lady mentioned it ::
:: mite be it's like miracles for me ::
:: hurm ::
:: n she did not scan it yet , but based on whut i knew from the form of her stomach..she mite be having a baby girl ::
:: hopefully gonna be a healthy n cute baby girl ::
:: hurm..enuff for now ::
:: got ctinue my work ::
:: .^______________~. ::


Ceera said...

terer nye ko tahu tu baby gurl, ko leh scan guna mata ko eks.. muahahahaha...

kasihan dirimu terpaksa bertungkus di tengah malam, caiyok2...

:: d r e a m e r z z l u l l a b y :: said...

:: hahah..aku ade magic...nanti ko pregnant meh jumpa aku..belum besar perut tu,aku dah leh teka jantina nye...chewah..

tu ar..nih baru submit design..mata dah nak lelap dah ::