Sunday, July 22, 2007

:: B U R R R R R R P P P P I I I N N G G G ::

:: PHEIW!!!!!......... ::
:: jz got back from lepak wit frens at WILLIAM. ::
:: i'm damn full!! kenyang nak mampus ::
:: act'ly,back from nothing to do..ym wit nam..he said gonna meet samier n diner together::
:: since i've got no plan...n hungry like join them diner at william. ::
:: so tonite..gonna eat lot n lot.. ::
:: once i get there..lost of my mind..donno whut to order ::
:: so decided to order marinara..izz act'ly want to order that..but i win..huhuhu ::
:: with full of jug of fresh orange..act'ly i'm gonna ask for the small jug..not GIANT JUG..felt like wanna take a bath with that drinks!!. ::
:: i tried to finish my diner..haa!! cannot!! still cannot..loaded..n plus with their stupid's like i'm gonna throw out..whut i'm ate.. ::
:: and this crazy guys..nam,izz,zull n eddy plan to register william at frdster..haisshhh ::
:: so they took his picture..n plus he smile proudly..coz he didn't knew whuts gonna happen next! ::
:: while waiting to pay..william as usual gonna tell "jokes of the day" ::
:: so tonite..we not heard 1 but 3 story..extraordinary...huhuhu ::
:: act'ly all his story is a bit 18sx..hahaha ::
:: let me share a bit ::

1st story :
" adelah sorg pak aji nih..jalan2 ronda dlm kampung...tetiba dia npak sorg budak ppuan panjat pokok..this girl wore skirt,but not wearing pak aji nih suruh la this girl turun pokok..then dia seluk poket bagi rm10..n dia pesan kat budak nih,suh bagi kat mak dia n beli this girl blik umah n gtau mak dia..but suddenly her sister heard next day,she climb the tree n not wearing panties..coz she tot..if her sis can get rm10,then she can get more than mcm biasa pak aji nih pun jalan2 la..npak la budak ppuan atas pokok dia pgil turun..n pak aji nih seluk la poket..n this girl mula excited,coz she tot pak aji nak bagi duit beli pak aji kuarkan rm0.50..then pak aji ckp.." nah amik nih,pegi beli pisau cukur"..

:: keras perut kitorg gelak..::
:: dah la lepas mkn..mau nak termuntah kuar.. ::
:: bladdy hell funny ::
:: 2nd story..i'm not remembered full story.. ::
:: n the 3rd one.. ::
:: but it's really funny ::
:: so after heard his story plus they took a few pict with him.. ::
:: i'm goin back home ::
:: at 1st,mite be play pool..but seem my driver tak tak cukup better get back n sleep ::
:: tomorrow hv to company ainol shopping..pheiw!!.. ::
:: so it's time to sleep.. ::
:: hopefully can get up early.. ::
:: so nitey nite..sleep wit damn full.. ::
:: burrpp ..excuse me! ::
:: (.>__<.) ::


Ceera said...

makannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aje kerja ko ye, aku pun nak makan jugaks la... tetiba lapar...

Yati Salem said...

hi,can we exchange our banner,if u done have banner i still can postyur link,please let me know after it done.thank